There are some Continuing Education opportunities, such as the OAVT Conference, that happen once a year. Others, like online courses or interactive webinars, can be done on your own schedule. The following continuing education opportunities have gone through an accreditation process to confirm their applicability for CE for RVTs in accordance with our credit granting policy. The postings displayed on this website are sorted alphabetically for your convenience, and are not in any order of priority or preference by OAVT.  

RVTs are encouraged to review this page on a regular basis as new opportunities are posted once they have been accredited for CE:


University of Guelph, Equine Veterinary Technician Certificate. Worth 20 CE credits upon completion. Click for more information.



Northern College: Companion Animal Physical Rehabilitation. A graduate one-year certificate program for RVTs in response to emerging animal health care needs. Worth 20 CE credits upon completion of program. Click for more information.

Northern College: Wildlife Rehabilitation. This program will teach students the importance of providing an appropriate environment for a wide range of animals in both short and long term rehabilitation situations from an ecological viewpoint. The program will give students a solid foundation on wildlife rehabilitation knowledge, diagnostic and nursing skills gained through practical experience. Graduates will be able to explore a wide range of career opportunities in both the private and public sectors, including employment in natural resources, zoos, and wildlife parks, avian rehabilitation centers, natural bird sanctuaries, orphanage programs and any small or large animal veterinary clinic that receives injured wild animals. Worth 20 CE credits upon completion of program. Click for more information




Canine Foundations through Georgian College: For registration, course descriptions and dates please visit: Click on ‘Registration Details’ beside the course that you’re interested in, to find out about dates and locations.

1. Animal Control Canine Self Defense (4 CE Credits) 

2. Canine Behaviour 101 (4 CE Credits) 

3. CEFA: Canine Emergency First Aid (5 CE Credits for a full day) 

4. Dog to Dog Aggression Basic (4 CE Credits) 

5. Canine Behaviour 102 - Separation Anxiety (4 CE Credits) 

6. Canine Behaviour 103 - Resource Guarding (4 CE Credits) 

7. Canine Behaviour 104 - Territorial Guarding (4 CE Credits) 

8. Canine Behaviour 105- Canine Temperament Assessment (5 CE Credits for day) 

9. Canine Attendant Training (5 CE Credits for day) 

10. Animal Control Canine Behaviour 101 (4 CE Credits for day) 




"Understanding Proteobiotics and the microbiome. What we now know." Presented by: Central Sales Ltd and Microsintesis

These ongoing presentations are done in-clinic for staff. They introduce Proteobiotics and explain how bacteria use metabolites for cell-to-cell communication. They will also discuss antibiotic stewardship and our need to create new "non-antibiotic" products that work.

Accredited for 1 CE credit.

For more information visit and To arrange an in-clinic CE session contact your Central Sales Ltd representative.






Lunch and Learn with Ceva: Efficient instrument processing; is your clinic ready? Contact Ceva to schedule a Lunch and Learn with one of their representatives to find out. Pheromones Explained  is another Lunch and Learn topic Ceva can present. Call 1-800-510-8864. Each worth 1 CE Credit.





CDMV Opportunities:

1. Communicating Well - The key to a team's success is its ability to communicate, so CDMV provides a training program made up of three workshops that will help you understand the different personality types of your team members and integrate a variety of tools and good communication habits into your work environment. Key concepts: understanding emotional intelligence, personality assessment, effective communication. Call your CDMV representative to get these sessions. Worth 1 CE Credit.

2. Inventory Management - This 2-hour lunch and learn workshop will show you ways to efficiently manage your inventory and avoid costly mistakes. To lean more about the Inventory Management presentation or to book a session with a Strategic Advisor call 1-800-668-2368. Worth 2 CE Credits. 



3. Senior Wellness Toolbox (Marketing Approach) - CDMV offers you a toolbox focussed on marketing know-how and customer loyalty to run a successful senior wellness campaign this fall. Includes: Five Step Marketing Plan. This one-hour program is worth 1 CE credit.

To register, click on this link:  




Compassion Wise presents Seminars for Veterinary Professionals: Debra Rimmer (Masters in Social Work) offers professional support for stress, burnout, compassion fatigue and self care.

Call Debra Rimmer, MSSW, RSM for a complementary 15 minute consultation: (613) 700-0104. For more information check out this link. Worth 1.5 CE credits per seminar.



Dechra Lunch and Learns: each worth 1 CE Credit

FelineHyperthyroidisn: A one hour presentation focused on team training of feline hyperthyroidism.

Canine Hyperadrenocorticism: A one hour presentation focused on team training of canine hyperadrenocorticism.

Otitis Externa: A one hour presentation focused on team training of otitis externa.

To book a Dechra lunch and learn, please email Cheryl Bedford-Buffett:


Dental Radiography In-Clinic Training: 4 CE Credits

Learn how to take diagnostic dental radiographs on dogs and cats, with Sue MacNeal, RVT. This four hour in-clinic training is worth 4 CE credits with the OAVT.

To book a session, please email








Gateway Pet Memorial Services: Handling client questions regarding the aftercare of their beloved pets can be a difficult conversation for your team members to deal with. Let Gateway bring in lunch for the team while you learn more about our services, including communal and individual cremations, our accredited facilities, and our wide variety of memorial products. 


To book a Gateway Lunch and Learn with one of our Territory Managers, email, or call 1-800-227-6915. 



Hands-Free X-Rays Training Workshop: The workshop is an interactive hands-on training seminar demonstrating the practicality of non-manual restraint for radiography. The workshop combines techniques on acquiring quality, diagnostic radiographs for both routine thoracic and abdominal studies (on awake patients), and several orthopedic studies (shoulder, elbow, stifle, pelvis) on sedated patients. This workshop has been approved for 2 CE credits with the OAVT.

To learn more about this workshop, including how to book one, visit





Merck Animal Healthcare: Advances in Cattle Pain Management and Wellbeing An interactive and modular learning activity designed to help Canadian veterinarians working with large animals increase their knowledge of modern pain management in order to improve the well-being of cattle. The program consists of three modules each lasting between 25 and 60 minutes for a total time of 2 hours. Clinic/practice managers will arrange sessions with Merck Animal Health. Approved for 2 CE credits



Veterinary Technician Specialties (VTS)

Thinking about advancing your career and specializing in a certain area of veterinary medicine? Did you know that successful completion of a VTS will earn you 20 to 30 CE credits? To learn more about what specialties are available, visit the NAVTA site.



Further your understanding of the processes, terminology and innovations associated with pet aftercare. Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate how our compassionate staff, unique services and beautiful memorial products have improved the aftercare experience; both for hospital staff and grieving pet owners. 


To book a Pets Above Lunch and Learn please email or call 1-519-766-9999. 


The Social Side of Practice, brought to you by Pets Plus Us: 

Offered all year around, by request, to veterinarians and their teams across Canada (in-person when geographically feasible, and via webinar otherwise). Led by Dr. Debbie Stoewen DVM, MSW, RSW, PhD.

The four sessions of Module 1 (Veterinary Wellness) cover the following topics:
1. Facilitating Euthanasia Conversations
2. Compassion Fatigue
3. Compassion Satisfaction
4. This is Your Life

Lunch and Learns worth 1 CE credit each. Workshops worth 2 CE credits each. Interactive, two-way conversation webinars can also be arranged.

New! Module 2: Veterinary Health, Happiness and Success is now available!

This launch expands the program from 4 to 10 CE offerings, all of which offer evidence-based content reflecting the literature in the medical and social sciences. 

Sessions are provided in lecture (1 hr.) and interactive (1.5-2 hrs.) formats worth 1 CE credit per CE hour (50 minutes) with options for 1, 1.5, or 2 CE credits/session.

To find out more about this program visit Pets Plus Us, call 1-800-700-3391 or email


Vetoquinol Lunch and Learn Opportunities: to book, contact your Vetoquinol Territory Manager.

1. Zentonil - A lunch and learn during which the signs of liver disease, free radicals and antioxidants are explained. This lunch and learn also discusses the benefits of zentonil. Worth 1 CE credit.

2. Vetoquinol Care - A lunch and learn to help grow your potential within your practice, through retail product sales and recommendations. The Vetoquinol Care Line is also discussed. Worth 1 CE credit.

3. Merchandising - A lunch and learn to help develop your retail space by providing real and practical tips and tricks, including the "why" and the "how". Worth 1.5 CE credits.

4. Flexadin - A lunch and learn to discuss the joint supplements market, the osteoarthritic overview, and the management of osteoarthritis. The benefits of Flexadin are also discussed. Worth 1 CE credit.  

5. ZYLKENE - In this one hour lunch and learn, RVTs will learn about the following topics: why behaviour services are so important, fear/anxiety and stress, what to do to help, improve clinic experience and zylkene range. Worth 1 CE credit. 





The RVT Journal Quizzes: The RVT Journal is a national publication with four (4) CE articles in each issue. All members of the OAVT are mailed a copy of the Journal each quarter. After reading the articles, log in to your OAVT account to take the quizzes. If you receive passing scores, CE credits will automatically be applied to your CE record. (Worth 1 CE credit per quiz with a passing score).

Want to print a copy of the quizzes before you take them online? You can print the quizzes from inside the member portal. 



Veterinary Webstore: How to enhance your client relationship -  This one-hour online session will discuss the benefits of having an online store, and how to effectively set one up in your practice. Call 1-877-788-5028 to register for this session, or email  Worth 1 CE Credit.   

Veterinary Webstore: The Next Step - How to set up, market and manage My VetStore. This one hour session can be delivered online OR in-person to your clinic. This session is for My VetStore users. Participants are taught how to manage and market their online store. Call 1-877-788-5028 to register or book a Lunch and Learn, or email Worth 1 CE Credit.




Basic Dog Body Language Course: Doggone Safe, the creators of the Be a Tree program, have also created an online course to learn more about understanding and interpreting canine body language. This course might help to prepare you for the delivery of Be a Tree in your community. Worth 2.5 CE Credits.  

Click here for more information and to register.





Join the Fear Free Revolution with Dr. Jonathan Bloom: At a time when pet owners are spending more money to give their pet "happy" experiences, many have come to associate the veterinary hospital as a place where fear and anxiety are front and center. The Fear Free initiative promotes easy practice changes that reduce stress and create calm veterinary visits to encourage better healthcare. This 2 hour event is worth 2 CE credits, please contact your Boehringer representative for further details. 


Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) held live webinars in March 2017 which were recorded and are now available to a wider audience. Each contains a quiz at the end. Each worth 1 CE credit.

1. Lessons Learned from Pain Management Research in Dairy Cattle -

2. Pain Mitigation Following Surgical Castration in Young Beef Calves -   



The Valve Study, sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim. Discover the results of the Valve study on dual vs. triple therapy- it could change the way you treat congestive heart failure(CHF) due to myxomatous mitral valve disease (MMVD) Approved for 1 CE Credit.  

Click here to register.

Canine Chronic Valvular Disease: New Recommendations, sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim. A review of the diagnosis and management of canine acquired heart disease. The talk emphasizes diagnosing and managing the disease in the general practice setting, and helps clinicians to develop a clinic protocol to manage patients with asymptomatic heart disease as well as those with congestive heart failure. Approved for 1 CE Credit.

Click here to register.




Cardinal Health Continuing Education Opportunities 

These online courses can be found at:

          • Proper Handling Techniques for Sterilization Wrap and Wrapped OR Trays (0.5 CE credits)
          • Sterility Assurance: A Focus on Packaging (0.5 CE credits)
          • Wound Drain Systems in Perioperative Nursing (0.5 CE credits)                    



Cannabis in clinical practice Part 1: Legislative and regulatory status of cannabis in Canada Legislative and regulatory status of cannabis in Canada; a brief look back at the history of cannabis prohibition and legalization, followed by a more comprehensive look at our current legislation and how that impacts veterinary clients, patients and veterinary professionals. Note: RVTs who have attended either the OAVT 2019 Conference cannabis sessions, or this session at the Canadian Symposium in Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine in June 2019 (Ajax), may not claim CE credit for listening to this webinar, if both webinar participation and conference attendance fall within the same collection period. Per the OAVT CE Policy - "Repeated participation in identical CE activities will receive credit once per collection period." Accredited for 1 CE credit. Visit the CommuniVET website.


Cannabis in clinical practice Part 2: Harm Reduction Education & Safety of Our Patients The legalization and growing acceptance of both medical and adult-use cannabis has led many pet families to explore the use of cannabis-based therapies for their pets. It is important for them to understand, however, that there are risks associated with the inappropriate use of these products. Harm reduction and education focuses on information and strategies to help clients who choose to use cannabis products for their pets, to administer it in the safest and most appropriate manner.

Accredited for 1 CE credit. Visit the CommuniVET website.


Don’ t wait! Don’t hesitate! The importance of feeding critically ill cats and dogsMalnutrition is much more common in veterinary patients than you may realize. Drs. Bersenas and Parr will discuss why early enteral nutrition, using feeding tubes, should be a priority for critically ill cats and dogs. They will also talk about key nutrients for recovery and provide dietary examples. Lastly, they will utilize common case examples to demonstrate appropriate feeding strategies when using feeding tubes.

Accredited for 1 CE credit. (LIVE on October 9, 2019 - then ongoing availability after that.) Visit the CommuniVET website.


Canine Flu: Are You Ready?A video presentation featuring Jason Stull, VMD, MPVM, PhD, DACVPM and an additional reading on canine flu from the AVMA.

Accredited for 1 CE credit. Visit the CommuniVET website.


Feline Arthritis: Understanding the Silent Pain (sponsored by Elanco) In this webinar, Dr. St Denis will provide an overview of feline arthritis. She will start off by explaining the terminology associated with degenerative joint disease (DJD). Then, she will discuss what can cause the disease and which cats can be affected. Throughout the presentation, she will list clinical signs of DJD and how to diagnose the disease, while providing advice to help clients recognize if their cat is suffering from arthritis. Finally, she will share her views on treatment options.

Accredited for 1 CE credit. Visit the CommuniVET website.


Calcium homeostasis: understanding the hypercalcemic cat. Total calcium, ionized calcium, parathyroid hormone, and vitamin D: understanding calcium regulation in the cat can be bewildering. This session will focus on a practical approach to understanding calcium regulation in cats, hypercalcemia, as well as diagnostic tests, and options for therapy.

Accredited for 1.5CE credits. Visit the CommuniVET website.


Parasiticide Protocols - KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) "to Kill a Parasite" Dr. Danny Joffe will provide an overview of the development of clinical parasiticide protocols. These protocols respond to the need expressed by clients who want consistent recommendations from their veterinary staff in terms of parasite prevention and elimination. In addition, these protocols help to determine what parasites need to be killed or prevented and why, and how this will be accomplished. Throughout the webinar, Dr. Joffe will also touch on the clinical signs of the most common parasites, their diagnosis and their treatment, i.e. ticks, fleas, heartworms, etc. Finally, he will discuss team education and implementation, as well as how these protocols allow for proper in-clinic compliance.

Accredited for 1 CE credit. Visit the CommuniVET website.


Claw counselling: helping cats keep their claws Despite controversy, feline onychectomy remains a common surgical procedure in North America. This session will focus on a review of recent literature about the adverse effects of declawing and how to talk to owners about practical alternatives.

Accredited for 1.5CE credits. Visit the CommuniVET website.


Fear Free: Creating Great Experiences  Fear Free is an organization whose mission is to reduce or eliminate Fear, Anxiety and Stress (FAS) in pets by inspiring and educating those who care for them. During this one‐hour webcast presentation, Dr. Jonathan Bloom will talk about what Fear FreeSM is, why it’s important, as well as the negative impact that FAS has on pets and their owners. He reviews the many signs of FAS and how to address them. He will also discuss the most important and impactful changes in veterinary medicine in terms of managing FAS, while elevating the level of healthcare provided by veterinary teams to ensure the well‐being of all parties involved.

Accredited for 1 CE credit. Visit the CommuniVET website.


A practical approach to the dyspneic cat. The dyspneic cat is a common clinical presentation in small animal medicine with many potential underlying causes. This session will focus on a smart and strategic diagnostic approach to maximize the chances of success.

Accredited for 1.5CE credits. Visit the CommuniVET website.


No more stones! Bladder uroliths in cats. Uroliths in the lower urinary tract are common in cats worldwide. This presentation with review our understanding of the risk factors for stone formation, diagnostic methods for urolith detection and estimation of composition, as well as advances in the least invasive methods for treatment.

Accredited for 1.5CE credits. Visit the CommuniVET website.



Hill's Veterinary Nutritional Advocate Program (VNA): sponsored by Hill's Pet Nutrition. This program includes 3 modules. Please visit VNA website for more details. Worth 6 CE credits per module, with a total of 18 CE Credits for completing all 3 modules.





Radiation Safety Institute of Canada

This four module course in x-ray safety awareness is focused on the use of x-rays in veterinary practice. Regulatory aspects covered are for the province of Ontario. Certificate will be issued upon completion.

This program should take roughly 5 hours, and has been approved by the OAVT for 4 CE credits.

Visit to register.


Become a Nutrition Counsellor with Royal Canin

Become an expert in cat and dog nutrition by enrolling in the Royal Canin Knowledge Portal to help meet your patients' precise nutritional needs. Through the comprehensive curriculum, you will earn CE and points by successfully completing modules that can later be redeemed for rewards.  

If you are new to the Counsellor Program please contact your Royal Canin Technical Sales Representative to get signed up. Already to sign up? 

Visit the Royal Canin Veterinary Portal to start learning. Most modules worth 2 CE credits, but each is different depending on length of time required.   


Veterinary Clinic Cleaning and Disinfection Program: From Vetoquinol Canada. Cleaning and disinfection guide for animal health facilities. Step-by-step protocols and techniques for employees responsible for the cleaning and disinfection of animal care facilities. This one hour program is worth 1 CE credit with the OAVT. To register, visit

Vetoquinol - Stress Affects Health and Behaviour: This webcast on stress-related issues in companion animals to better understand the relationship between stress, health and behaviour. Worth 1.5 CE credits. To view this webcast, visit Vetoquinol's online CE page


ZENTONIL - "Doc, Does My Pet Really Need All These Medications to Treat His Liver Disease?": This 1.5 hour webcast is presented by Dr. Lisa Carioto to better understand hepatic disease and the multitude of treatments that exist. Worth 1.5 CE credits. To view this webcast, click here


ZTalk Webseries: ZTalk is a webseries that gives an accessible and easy in-clinic behavioural approach. The presenter is a well-known behaviourist, Dr. Martin Godbout. Approved for 1 CE credit. Click here to register.

Pet Dentistry and Periodontology Course: In this detailed streaming presentation, Dr. Peter Emily, DDS, Hon. AVDC covers a variety of topics concerning the health issue most commonly witnessed in veterinary practices: dental disease. Dr. Emily provides a comprehensive outline of periodontal disease progression and also stresses the importance of preventative measures including home care and regular dental examinations. Also covered are the aspects involved in treatment through a detailed outline of routine and complicated dental prophylaxis in the veterinary practice. This 1 hour online opportunity is worth 1 CE Credit. Contact your Vetrex representative to book or email





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