August 26, 2015 – RRP World Rabies Day Contest

August 26, 2015

RRP World Rabies Day Contest

With World Rabies Day just one month away (Sept. 28), the Rabies Response Program (RRP) is excited to announce a new contest.

What are you doing to support World Rabies Day and promote rabies awareness in your community? Send us a picture(s) of how you are getting involved, and you will be entered to win!

Photo submissions will be accepted via email ( between Sept. 1 at 9am ET and Sept. 30 at 11:59pm ET.

Ideas may include: Giving a “Be a Tree” bite prevention talk to kids, or creating a rabies awareness information board at your workplace. Be creative!

Two winners will be selected at random to receive a Cineplex Great Movie Escape 3D Movie Package including: 2 General Admissions for 3D Movie, 2 Regular Soft Drinks, 1 Regular Popcorn.

Good luck!

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August 18, 2015 – New OAVT Website/Member Portal Update

Last week OAVT staff submitted all of the content for the new website to our developers, including brand new pages such as: FAQ (frequently asked questions), OAVT Timeline, Past Presidents and Award Winners, as well as an Events Calendar that will feature CE opportunities/events and important dates.

This week we took an even bigger step forward: we have now transferred all data from our existing database to the new one. Several members have emailed wondering why they cannot make changes to their contact information in their OAVT account. The data transfer is why we had to disable the ability to make changes to your profiles. You will be able to make changes again once the new membership portal is up and running next month.

As of today (August 7) the online version of The RVT Journal Quizzes are no longer available, but they will be available once again next month in the new membership portal. You will also notice with the re-launch of the quizzes that to get your 1 CE credit you will only need a score of 8/10 (as opposed to 10/10). CE credits from the quizzes will be automatically assigned to your CE record, so certificates from The RVT Journal quizzes will no longer be needed!

OAVT staff will begin testing the new site over the next two weeks, which will allow us the opportunity to put together detailed instructions on what you will need to know in terms of submitting your CE, taking quizzes, making changes to your account, renewing, etc.

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RVT Journal Quizzes Will Move In September

July 10, 2015

IMPORTANT UPDATE: RVT Journal online quizzes will move in September.

With the launch of the new OAVT website and membership portal in September, a number of changes will be taking place. It may seem overwhelming right now, but all of these changes are happening in order make your membership experience BETTER!

Once the system launches in September, the online RVT Journal quizzes will be no longer be found at – they will be found in your membership portal. The great thing about that is your CE credit for passing the quiz will automatically be added to your CE record. You don’t have to do anything!

Here is the VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE (please share with your fellow RVTs):

1. As we change between systems, quizzes will be unavailable online between August 6th and the launch of the new system in September.
2. When the new system launches in September, only quizzes from Volumes 37 and 38 of The RVT Journal will still be made available (along with all new quizzes moving forward). That means the previous 27 quizzes will still be available to take online with the new system in September. However, anything older than that (Volume 36 and older) will no longer be available online. If there are quizzes from the older volumes that you would like to complete, you are encouraged to do this by August 5th.
3. If you have quiz certificates you have not printed off, you should also do this before August 5th as you will not have access to the certificates after this date.

If you have any questions about this or the new website and membership portal, please don’t hesitate to contact

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RVT Cally Dixon Elected to OAVT Board of Directors

RVT Cally Dixon Elected to OAVT Board of Directors

July 7, 2015

The OAVT would like to announce Cally Dixon, RVT, CEMT as the newest Director elected to the OAVT Board.

Cally has said that as a Director she would like to “help promote RVTs, to help with our group’s growth, and to help bring awareness to our importance within the veterinary industry.” Cally also mentioned that the OAVT is changing the way RVTs are seen and utilized and she wants to “be a part of that change.”

Cally, who is a member of the OAVT Rabies Response Team and volunteers as a chairperson for the Binbrook Agricultural Society, will join President Elise Wickett, RVT and the rest of the nine-person OAVT Board at their next meeting on July 11th.

Congratulations, Cally. We wish you success in your new role.

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New Website, New Portal = Enhanced OAVT Member Experience

July 2, 2015

New Website, New Portal = Enhanced OAVT Member Experience

The Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians is pleased to announce the implementation of a new and improved OAVT website and member portal. OAVT has commissioned Ottawa-based Pixelera to not only design a modern, responsive and user-friendly website, but to also implement their state-of-the-art, innovative membership portal system.

Throughout the summer, OAVT staff will be selecting designs, creating new content and working alongside Pixelera to ensure the end result is an all-encompassing, one-stop-shop for OAVT members, future RVTs, educators, veterinarians, sponsors and members of the public.

Progress updates, along with tips on how to use the new member portal, will be provided to all members throughout the summer as we lead up to the launch of the new website in September. And while the new member portal has DOZENS of new features, here are the top five ways we think the new system will make your OAVT membership experience even better:

    1. Entering your own Continuing Education: With the new system you will be able to enter your own CE credits online within your own membership profile. No more faxing! With this in mind, we are asking all members who have a CE Collection Period End Date of July 31, 2015 or LATER to stop submitting CE as you will be able to enter it online in September with the new system (this is within the allotted 60 days you have to submit CE).

      2. RVT Journal Quizzes: Members have been asking for a way to have the CE credits from the Journal Quizzes automatically assigned to their profile. This will be a reality with the new system. When you take the quiz online, your CE credits from the quiz will automatically be recorded in your profile.

      3. OAVT Conference and CE Events: Registering for OAVT events will now be done within your profile. You will be able to access your event registration, submit your payment, change your registration and access receipts. Also, much like the Journal Quizzes, your CE credits will AUTOMATICALLY be applied to your profile after you attend the event. (Yes, your OAVT Conference CE credits will automatically be added to your profile!)

      4. Email address, not membership number: Your new online profile will be linked to your email address, so logging in will be easier than ever.

        5. Pride: OAVT staff, alongside the designers at Pixelera, have spent weeks researching other websites, specifically the websites of similar organizations. RVTs are a proud profession. The new website will make the OAVT’s online presence second to none – another reason for RVTs to be proud. Please log in to your current OAVT profile at (before August 1, 2015) and ensure all of your contact information is up to date so that the transition to the new membership portal can go as smoothly as possible.

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          Thinking of joining the OAVT Board? Read this Q&A.

          Are you considering a nomination to join the OAVT Board, but you’re a bit hesitant? Are you wondering what kind of commitment is required, or if there is any reimbursement for your travel/time?

          Here are the answers to some of the most common questions asked by RVTs who are considering the OAVT Board of Directors nomination process.

          #1. Question: What kind of time commitment is expected from a Director of the OAVT Board?

          Answer: The OAVT Board of Directors meets monthly. The meetings are held in the OAVT office in Guelph. Each meeting starts at 9am and typically concludes by 4pm. Meetings are generally held on a Saturday.

          #2. Question: Will my travel expenses to the Board meetings come out of my own pocket?

          Answer: Expenses to travel to the meetings are paid for by the OAVT.

          #3. Question: Are there any other financial incentives to becoming an OAVT Board Director?

          Answer: Directors on the Board do not pay annual OAVT dues and do not pay to attend the OAVT conference. All expenses related to attending the OAVT conference are also paid for. Directors do support the conference by acting as session moderators, offering time in the OAVT both, and attending the welcome reception and awards banquet.

          #4. Question: What other benefits come with joining the OAVT Board?

          Answer: Being on the OAVT Board comes with the pride, leadership, and responsibility of guiding the profession and organization forward.

          There are a lot of skill building opportunities. You will learn about all aspects of oversight and decision making of an organization. This will include setting priorities and overseeing that they are met, creating budgets, monitoring financial performance, and learning how to assess critical information to make important decisions. Also, there is a lot of networking opportunities to meet with others in the veterinary community. The opportunity to learn about or enhance your existing skills in this area will contribute to leadership skill building that is universally beneficial wherever your career path takes you.

          #5. Question: Are the Board meetings for the upcoming year already available so I can see if they work with my schedule?

          Answer: Yes! The Board would love for the new Director to be at the July 11th meeting. The OAVT Board meeting dates are always available in the members section of the OAVT website. They are as follows:

          -July 11, 2015

          -August 8, 2015

          -September 12, 2015

          -October 10, 2015

          -November 14, 2015

          -December 12, 2015

          -January 9, 2016

          -February 13, 2016

          -March 3, 2016 (at OAVT Conference)

          Nominations are now closed.

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          Impact the RVT profession in Ontario: Join the OAVT Board of Directors


          With elected OAVT Director Darci Burtch stepping down, the current OAVT Board members have decided to hold an election to fill the vacant spot.

          While OAVT by-laws state the Board can appoint someone to the position from among the qualified voting members, the OAVT Board made the decision to hold an election to be as democratic as possible. An election allows all membership to be consulted, and ensures that all voices are heard.

          Nominations to fill this Director seat are now open until Sunday, May 31st, 2015.

          Are you (yes, you can nominate yourself!) or is someone you know a Registered Veterinary Technician who:

          -has leadership qualities

          -is passionate about their profession and wants to contribute to a growing organization

          -enjoys challenges

          -is open-minded to new ideas


          Get involved and help make the changes you want to see happen to the RVT profession in Ontario!

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          April 24, 2015 – Remembering Suzanne Crew

          Suzanne Kathleen Crew-Brennan
          November 8, 1973 – April 22, 2015

          It is with deep sadness that we announce that our fellow RVT, Suzanne Crew, has passed peacefully away after a courageous battle with cancer.

          This is a loss for so many of us who loved Suzanne for her kindness, sense of humour and for the veterinary field to which she dedicated her career as an RVT.

          Suzanne was a technician for over 10 years focused in the area of Ophthalmology, Emergency, Internal Medicine as well as Oncology services. Suzanne’s professional development expanded as she achieved the credential of Veterinary Technician Specialty in Small Animal Internal Medicine in 2014. Her expertise had no doubt benefited countless animals and their owners who were touched by her gentle heart.

          Her legacy will continue to live on in the memories of the many people she inspired during her career. She was a wonderful person and will be greatly missed.

          Suzanne’s family kept a Facebook page documenting her journey after being diagnosed with cancer, which can be viewed at:

          Or simply search for “Suzanne Crew’s Fan Club”.

          Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

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          April 10, 2015 – Join our Focus Group Conversations!!

          Focus Group Teleconference Dates Have Been Set!

          OAVT Focus Group dates have been set! Please RSVP to if you would like to participate in the conversation. She will send you an agenda and call-in instructions once you RSVP.

          Equine and Food Animal – Tuesday, April 21 at 7pm
          Shelter – Thursday, April 23 at 7pm
          Lab Animal/Research – Thursday, April 30 at 7pm

          Unfortunately there was not enough response to run the other focus groups.

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          April 3, 2015 – Renew Online Early for your Chance to Win!

          Early Online Renewals – Renew Early for Your Chance to Win!

          ARTICLE UPDATE: A step-by-step guide to renewing online.

          1. Login to your membership profile:
          2. Scroll down your profile to OAVT Membership Info and you will see a blue button that says “Secure Online Renewal”. Click that button.
          3. You will be taken to a page that shows you how much your membership dues are, based on your membership class. Click the “Pay Now” button.
          4. You are then taken to a secure Moneris payment page. Fill out your credit card information and click “Process Transaction”.
          5. Your payment will process and you will receive a message that your payment has been received!

          THE DRAW

          In mid April, online membership renewals will be opened to allow members to pay their 2015-2016 dues early. All members who decide to renew early (ONLINE RENEWALS ONLY) will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 4 RVT graphic license plates.
          Draw details:
          -applies to online renewals only
          -renewal must be completed by May 31st, 2015 at 11:59pm EDT to qualify
          -a random draw will be held once early registration closes, and the four winning members will be contacted by email.
          An announcement will be made once the online renewal process has opened up. Good luck!
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