Legislative Reform and the Modernization of the Veterinarians Act


The Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians (OAVT), the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) and the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) have been working collaboratively over many years towards a shared goal of modernizing the regulation of veterinary medicine in the province in order to strengthen public protection and more accurately reflect current practice.

  • This has included four years of policy research and consultations that culminated in the proposal Achieving a Modern Approach to the Regulation of Veterinary Medicine in Ontario, which was submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in 2018. 
  • CVO and OAVT, in conjunction with OVMA, established a Legislative Reform Implementation Advisory Group, to develop collaboratively the pieces of the reform. 
  • This has included proposed amendments to the legislation (Veterinarians Act) such as on council composition, where consultation has taken place, as well as early work to update regulations, including the registration regulation.

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Resources for RVTs

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Want to join the OAVT in its advocacy efforts? You can email advocacy@oavt.org with questions.


Coming soon! The OAVT team is working on compiling the answers to frequently asked questions regarding RVTs and legislative reform in Ontario.

What is advocacy?


For an association like the OAVT, advocacy means building relationships with members of provincial Parliament (MPPs) and other government decision-makers and educating them about priorities for RVTs in Ontario.

There is no one way to engage in advocacy. Rather, there are many ways you can include your voice and experience as an RVT in support of the OAVT’s engagement with the government. This could include writing a letter, meeting with an MPP or cabinet minister, or engaging on social media.

Why advocate?

The way the veterinary profession is regulated in Ontario is outdated and does not reflect the realities of current practice. For example, the Veterinarians Act, which regulates the practice, does not differentiate Registered Veterinary Technicians from other staff employed by a veterinarian, despite the specialized education and qualifications of RVTs. This has created an environment where RVTs are not recognized for their role as veterinary professionals.

The OAVT, along with the CVO and the OVMA, have been working collaboratively over many years towards a shared goal of modernizing the regulation of veterinary medicine in Ontario, including by proposing changes to the Veterinarians Act. However, information was recently received from government to suggest that amending the Veterinarians Act is not currently slated to move forward in this mandate. This was disappointing to the OAVT, the CVO and the OVMA, as updating the Veterinarians Act is the most efficient way to start the important changes to modernize the regulation of veterinary medicine in the province.

The priorities for the OAVT, which include seeing changes whereby animals are cared for by a team of regulated professionals and ensuring only registered veterinary technicians can use the title and perform authorized activities that more fully use their formal education and training, are not possible without amending the legislation.

With this in mind, the OAVT will be increasing advocacy efforts to see the legislative changes before the next election in 2022. Adding your voice and experience as an RVT will be important in helping us achieve this goal.



Other resources

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