Be A Tree Program

Be A Tree Program

RVTs earn 1 CE credit each time they deliver a "Be A Tree" program to a group of children. (A maximum of 5 CE credits can be earned per year by delivering Be a Tree programming.)

Are you looking for an effective way to educate children on dog safety while promoting your clinic and the  Registered Veterinary Technician profession? Have we got a great idea for YOU!

Become a branch of the “Be a Tree” program, created by Doggone Safe and endorsed by the OAVT.  This easy and entertaining program teaches children (from Kindergarten to grade 5) to be safe around the family dog and other dogs they may encounter.

Careful concern has been implemented to ensure the program is fun and the message is positive. Who better to deliver this than an RVT? The kit provides an entire presentation along with an easy to follow script and games children will enjoy.

This program is:

  • a positive and fun way to provide young people with the knowledge to make decisions; decisions on whether or not to approach a dog, or how to behave when a dog approaches them.
  • a way to empower children by giving them the necessary tools to make a decision in a potentially unsafe situation.

You will find the “Be a Tree” kit gives you an outstanding opportunity to raise awareness of your clinic and your profession to the whole community. It’s a great way to increase your profile and demonstrate how helpful animal health professionals are!

Present “Be a Tree” at:

  • local schools
  • community groups (guides & scouts)
  • 4H groups
  • community events
  • host your own client education event
  • libraries

Everyone Wins! The community is educated and safer. RVTs represent themselves and their field in a professional way and clinics gain respect in the community.

Visit the Doggone Crazy website to order your kit.

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